Modern Adulthood Summit, Interviews from experts Nov. 1-25th

 Join me in this free online event!

November 1 – 25th

I am participating in a wonderful online event from November 1-25th as an expert on Career Counseling & Employment Coaching along with 20 other international experts in the field of education, psychology, sociology, psychotherapy, career development, entrepreneurship and business. Host Karen Pevc has interviewed us via online video to discuss how today’s young and emerging adults can learn to establish a clear identity, develop intimate relationships, build their careers and enjoy adult life.

This event called Modern Adulthood launches Wednesday, November 1, 2017 and runs through November 25th. You can register now using this link to gain access to daily interviews from participating experts. Ideas, methods, and advice for helping adolescents and young adults adapt to today’s more competitive, technology and social media driven environment will be discussed each day. My interview will air Thursday, November 9th. Please join me and send me your comments!

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