Is A Job In the Plans This Summer for Your Son or Daughter?

High school students are in the final weeks of their spring semester and college students have already left their dorms.  Summer jobs, both paid and volunteer, youth with learning  experiences that school doesn’t. Working can boost your son or daughter’s confidence level, increase their sense of self-esteem  and very importantly, they will learn responsibility, gain some independence, and learn important skills they’ll need when it’s time to enter the workforce full time.

Summer jobs also offer opportunities for students to explore different fields of interest, become comfortable communicating with adults in a work setting, and they just might pave the way for a future career or field of study. This May, the White House and Department Of Labor Announced an investment of $21 Million for Summer and Year-Round Jobs For Young Americans And a Launch Of 16 Summer Impact Hubs.  For more information about these employment programs, just click the link below. It’s from the White House May 14 press release.

In my experience as a Career Counselor and Employment Coach I have found that most new or underemployed college graduates who have had prior internship or employment experience are successful in obtaining professional jobs in their chosen careers.  Although they may need some coaching to prepare their tool kit of a professionally written resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and a strategic plan for their job search, they are usually quite successful in getting interviews and job offers.  Conversely, when a parent asks me to help a son/daughter who has never had any work experience, they are the young adults who are having a very difficult time beginning or gaining traction in their job searches.  Since the economy has improved, more jobs are available to high school and college students, so encourage your child to keep busy learning by working this summer!


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