Searching for a full time, professional job for today’s college graduates is complicated.  It’s multifaceted and requires a wide skill set and many steps to what is at times an overwhelming process.  But by learning these key elements to pursuing your job search you or your son or daughter can be successful:

YCD StrategyAd Lrgefile Despite negative statistics about high unemployment rates among new grad, (16.1% men, 11.2% women) I’ve been succeeding in helping new and underemployed college graduates to find new jobs that blend personal passions with college majors.

Oliver, Mike, Jason, Thomas and Brendan have begun new jobs as:  Assistant Retail Merchandiser, Systems Analyst for an IT start-up, Financial Analyst, Assistant Publicist for a PR firm, and Web Content Writer/Editor for an online travel company. All are thrilled with their new jobs and report that they’re learning a lot and are very happy!

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